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"It doesn't matter who you see in M5:9 today, or who you don't see tomorrow. The pictures and titles have no power, and every last single member of M5:9 understands this. Although some M5:9 members names, pictures and titles may be provided on the website, many more M5:9 members names and pictures have NOT been provided. This doesn't make them any less important to the vision and mission of this ministry.

As stated previously, it doesn't matter who you see in M5:9 today, or who you don't see tomorrow. All that matters is that you see CHRIST in everyone that you look upon, and that everyone who is eventually called to another location (be it on this side of the grave or the other) takes that CHRIST in them, with them, that others might also come to know of the TRUE LOVE that YAH wants for all of HIS children. This is the reason for this ministry. We have been assembled to study LOVE to no end, and to share all that we are blessed to learn. To the MOST HIGH YAH be all the glory.  


It is our belief that before anyone can form any type of lasting and fulfilling relationship with another person, they must first do so with themselves. We believe that such wholeness comes by way of a sincere and honest relationship with YHWH.


Our mission is to assist each and every individual that has found him or herself in the middle of a mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and/or physical war, to gain the ultimate victory.


We believe that no enemy, once beaten, truly has to ever be faced again. We believe that once defeated, fallen foes can remain dead, as long as we don’t speak life over them. We will aid others in keeping their defeated adversaries incapable of returning by showing them how to attack their adversaries through the use of the following tactics:


•  Remaining humble and refusing to allow pride to surface despite the battle.


•  Assessing each situation with a renewed mind, knowing that peace is        

    always the agenda.


•  Always being sure to search the Gospels for similar conflicts to see what

    Christ/Messiah would have done and/or instructed. This includes sincerely    

    praying and fasting before directing anyone’s steps, if or when we are  

    unsure of what Christ/Messiah would have them or us to do.


•  Staying clear of the flesh, not just our own, but the carnality that is sure to

    surface in others; remaining cognizant of the fact that if we become

    instruments of war used against our own kind, they will rightfully believe us

    to be foolish when we preach of peace.

•  Knowing when something is bigger than our ability at that time. We will never

    be too afraid to ask for guidance when needed, and will never be too prideful

    to consider wisdom when offered.

•  Allowing conviction to work in us when needed.

•  Refusing to allow condemnation to take hold for any reason.


•  Remaining at the feet of YHWH whenever we move in the lives of His



•  Doing everything we possibly can to allow Sar Shalom, our Prince of Peace,

    YESHUAH, to live in us, to the reign and glory of the Kingdom of YHWH.

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