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The world we live in today is a very scary place. Much of its dangers exist by nefarious design. These designs allow for the systematic silencing and or removal of humanities guides. This horrific practice has penetrated the hearts of the bravest of our kind and left us with very few avenues of escape. One of those avenues remains the most powerful of them all. The most powerful avenue of escape that I am speaking of is awareness. This is why you're being given an opportunity to examine a concept that many have worked very hard to keep hidden. Their goal is to disconnect humanity from our original point of origin and substitute our awareness of self with their view of our kind. Although they have mastered the art of illusion, they are still incapable of removing our ability to expand the mind. This series has been shared with the sincere desires of doing exactly that.


You and I have been lied to. We have been deceived into building sanctuaries for our enemies while at the same time being forced to teach our children to maneuver the desolate places. How did this come to be? I submit to you that it came to be by way of indoctrination. Our system of being has been replaced with theirs. Our understanding of life has become interwoven with their obsession with death. We have lost our way and no longer consider sanity as such, but prefer to exalt insanity as correct thinking. Again, how did this happen?. 

If you allow it, the contents of these pages (in connection with the books to come) will elevate your awareness and assist you in your understanding of what must be done to mitigate our damages as a species.


If you are one who doesn't believe in the metaphysical this series is not for you. If you question a person's ability to receive information through supernatural means, you may find this series hard to appreciate. However, if you are able to consider all things before making a final determination, you are exactly the type of person that this series was written for.


In Jan of 2000 Herbert Boyd was living in a modest home with his wife and 2 young children. His ministry was on the brink of being divided; his business had stopped growing and his outlook on life was becoming more cynical by the day. 


The pressures of fatherhood, being a spouse and a trusted minister began to break him down mentally. Reluctantly he returned to old sources of comfort hoping to find some type of rest. After months of existing within this dark space, Herbert realized that he would never find what he was looking for among the fallen. What he did find was something that petrified him at his very core. It was within this dark space that Herbert had experiences that have taken him over 15 years to process. It's now 2016 and Herbert has finally found the courage to speak about his defining moment. Before you begin this journey with Herbert here is something that he would like you to know…


“You are far more powerful than they want you to know, infinitely more capable than they can ever allow you to consider, and destined to accomplish all that their kind has been trained to fear.”.

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